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Check out some of our recent exhibitors! Stay Tuned, TECHSPO Amsterdam 2024 Exhibitors not yet announced.

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Transforming Brands with Digital Magic!
Welcome to BuzzMaker, the catalyst for digital marketing success. We're not your average agency – we're the boost your brand needs to soar above the competition.
With precise attention to detail, BuzzMaker crafts tailored strategies that make your brand buzz. We're masters of turning heads, sparking conversations, and converting curious onlookers into loyal clients.
Dive into our BuzzWorld to discover the art of precision targeting, the science of engagement, and the magic of turning clicks into customers. Get ready to make some serious noise with BuzzMaker – the brand that makes the world go buzz!
Malt connects businesses with freelancers, finding the perfect match for every project. We help both parties manage their administrative, legal, and payment processes in a safe and secure way.
Founded by Vincent Huguet (CEO) and Hugo Lassiège (CTO) in 2013, Malt is happy to have gained the trust of more than 400,000 freelancers and 50,000 clients so far (85% of the CAC 40 in France), thus becoming the leading marketplace for digital talents. Malt has raised a total of €112M with Serena, Isai, Goldman Sachs Growth Equity and Eurazeo, of which €80M in 2021.
Recognised as one of the best startups to work at by LinkedIn, the company is currently counting 300 Malters sharing the same values of care, ambition, joy and autonomy. Malt is based in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands.
Join Malt to build a new work order for freelancers and businesses alike.
FitsOn by ROMUS Trading & Development
ROMUS Trading & Development was founded in 1994 in Romania and offers complete IT solutions from hardware and software products to systems integration services.
The company’s mission is to provide information technology solutions of the highest standards that lead to improved business efficiency for our customers.
Fits’On is our brand-new software product that helps e-commerce customers or good old fashion window shoppers find their clothing sizes.
Why Fits’On? It is very reliable and easy to use. When you shop online you can make a safer buy and reduce the waste of time and money with the refund.
When Fits’On? Whenever you are in a shopping mood but you are too comfortable to try on.
Where Fits’On? Either on a train or bus or at home on a sofa, either in a shopping mall in front of a mirror Fits’On is your size matcher.
You’re a MATCH!!
Acoustic, L.P
Acoustic is a customer-obsessed marketing technology company committed to creating powerful tools that are easy to use. For more than ten years, we’ve been a technological leader, providing unified marketing and digital customer experience insights, campaign execution, behavioral experience analytics, and optimized pricing, promotion, markdown, and collaboration technology. Our goal is to help brands build closer, lasting, more rewarding customer connections through data-driven visibility and personal, relevant, and frictionless engagement. We have 600 employees around the globe, allowing us to maintain a local presence with a global footprint. With the help of our award-winning technology and unbeatable client success teams, businesses across industries can drive customer lifetime value.
Canto provides digital asset management solutions for companies of all sizes and across all industries that rely on visual communications. Founded in 1990, Canto is one of the pioneers of the digital asset management industry.
Over 2,500 customers rely on Canto’s software to organize, find and share images and videos that are key to working faster and building a brand in today's digital ecosystem.
Canto is based in San Francisco (USA), Berlin and Giessen (Germany) with a global partner network. Canto ranks high for ease of use, customer experience and user adoption.
Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience for any organization. Kaltura is the leading video cloud, powering the broadest range of video experiences. Our Video Experience Cloud is used by leading brands reaching millions of users, at home, at school, and at work, for virtual events, communication, collaboration, training, marketing, sales, customer care, teaching, learning, and entertainment experiences.
Providing electrical solutions to vessels to help the maritime industry become more sustainable and greener.
Globadyme is a leading Payment Service Provider, dedicated to empowering online businesses with the seamless capacity to connect to Payments across a wide range of payment methods and currencies. What truly sets Globadyme in a league of its own is its exceptional ability to reduce transaction costs by up to 50% per transaction, redefining affordability and efficiency in the process.
Our mission is to drive the advancement of the payments sector, ensuring inclusivity for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We provide comprehensive insights into your payment data, presented in a user-friendly manner. Our commitment to transparency ensures that exorbitant transaction fees are a thing of the past, allowing you to maintain full financial control.
At Globadyme, we understand businesses' challenges firsthand. We're not just a service provider; we are your partner in progress. Our deep understanding of the payment landscape enables us to offer solutions that perfectly align with your business goals.
Bindl BV
To give and better the tools and the space with which a community of building a better tomorrow, will be formed.
BeUniqueness is a UK leading & multi-award winning agency that helps with everything from improving and developing your branding strategy, ad copies, ad creatives, funnels, sales copies, email marketing, SEO, Blog content and even online ad strategies & optimisation to learn what makes the online businesses successful.
A publishing and media relations platform built for always-on communications teams.
Presspage accelerates your communications program with digital newsroom software that streamlines the publication & distribution of your most important messages.
With digital newsroom tools, 1M media contacts, a distribution suite, and a media relations hub, our online PR newsroom software enables corporate communications teams to be proactive in a reactive world.


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